Shake It To The Ground

Next Wednesday, LIV is hosting the 10,000-LB Hamburger Tour featuring A-Trak, Rye Rye and Treasure Fingers. But before everyone shakes it to the ground at Dirty Hairy, we've been told that Rye Rye will be making an appearance at Just Add Water Sunday at Blade at the Fontainebleau. The party is free, so really you don't have much an excuse not to show up. If you don't know who Rye Rye is, you can read about her in this week's issue of the New Times. But the long story short: She's on the verge of breaking it big as M.I.A. protg and signed to Interscope under M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. imprint. She's also about to release a full-length album some time this year, which should include her current club hit "Bang."
Sun., July 5, 2 p.m., 2009