The Great Adaptation Experiment

Comedian Jamie Kennedy wasn’t born to fame. He didn’t arrive in Tinseltown with prestigious managerial representation, a fly bachelor pad, or a flock of top-heavy starlets to giggle at his jokes. His arsenal, however, was tricked out with a secret weapon: a chameleon-like adaptation gene.

This ability to channel personas is what made Kennedy a household name with his self-titled show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and is also what landed him a coveted spot working with Hollywood’s hottest comedy manager, Marty Power. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Marty Power? Neither had the bookers, talent scouts, and “fellow” agents fielding his unsolicited phone calls. It would later be discovered that Kennedy had created the character in an effort to make himself more visible to Hollywood’s elite. If his current list of accolades — television shows, movies, buxom girlfriends, etc. — is any indication, his stunts have paid off.

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July 10-12, 2009