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Don’t Go, Green Space!

In the United States’ master timeline, South Florida hasn’t been settled for long. Any long-term resident will tell you about how it used to be: back before massive highways baked in the sun and the reflective sides of high rises blocked out all views of the ocean. Back then, Florida was wild and nature was what surrounded you.

A group of Coconut Creek residents get it, so they’re fighting to retain a plot of green space. Inhabited by both endangered and native wildlife, the 43 acre piece of property sits at the northwest corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Lyons Road, but that might all change soon. Plans to develop the space into (surprise!) a strip mall of big box stores have brought community activists together. These green go-getters are raising funds for their preservation efforts today at Rock for the Wetlands II, a fundraiser filled with live music by Assassin, Billy Sansone, and rock-country group the Rodeo Clowns. A $5 cover gets you into this full day of activist action at Korrigan’s (2301 W. Sample Rd., Pompano Beach). Starting at 2 p.m., you can watch bands, participate in raffles and silent auctions, and know that 30% of bar profits will be put towards the cause. So go, party, and knock back a few — after all, your drink tab might save the endangered Wood Stork, ya’ lush.
Sun., July 19, 2 p.m., 2009