Caution: You Are Now Entering the Double-Entendre Zone

The Lingerie Football League is the kind of thing no sane person would believe is actually real - rather, that it's some Big Brand Beer marketing exec's wet dream come true. But, no, the league of half-naked, female athletes is as real as can be, which is more than you can say about its players' busts. Six years ago, the creators of the league started pumping out pay-per-view specials dedicated to gals in frilly panties going long for the boobs at home. Now, the league is going national, with 10 teams competing in no-holds-barred tackle football starting in September and concluding near the actual Super Bowl in February. And if the prospect of watching Victoria Secret hopefuls claw at each other for control of a ball entices you, then wait till you hear the names of the teams: The Denver Dream. The San Diego Seduction. And, of course, the Miami Caliente.

The Caliente will be showcasing their wide receivers, backfielders, and tight ends (somebody stop me) on Monday as part of its one and only media day and public mini camp at the BankAtlantic center. Expect to see scantily clad Amazonian types sweating and grunting as they thrust themselves into exercise drills for all the public to see. There will also be a press conference and an opportunity to meet the gals who will, only nine months from now, begin their slow and inevitable spiral into the adult film industry.

Let all cynics be silenced at the free event, taking place at 10 a.m. at 1 Panther Pwky. in Sunrise. Visit for more information.
Mon., May 11, 10 a.m., 2009