All Moms Are Not Created Equal

If there's one thing we know about moms, it's that not all of them are the June Cleaver type. For every Donna Reed, there's a Joan Jett; someone who most certainly isn't the day-spa type and who probably would have as much at a rock 'n' roll show as she would at a fancy luncheon. In the spirit of those unconventional moms, New Times offers these alternatives for Mother's Day activities:

WWTID? Yeah, you know, What Would Terri Irwin Do! She would probably corral the kids (er, Bindi) and head down to Billie Swamp Grass Safari (19 miles N. of exit 49 on I-75), where she could enjoy a complimentary day package for moms. All mothers who show up at the park on Sunday will get to cruise through the 'Glades on a high-powered airboat, take a trip on a swamp buggy eco-tour, and check out the creepy reptiles in the snake and alligator shows. One paying Fruit of Her Loins is enough to get any number of family moms in for free (that includes Grandma Irwin). Call 800-GO-SAFARI, or visit
Sun., May 10, 2009