Look What He Can Do!

For ten years, comedic actor Michael McDonald created and played dozens of characters on the sketch comedy show MADtv. One of his notable recurring characters was Stuart Larkin, a rosy-faced boy who disturbed every person he ran into. Part of the genius of this character was Stuart's undying urge to avoid being grabbed by adults — picture Gumby having a breakdown, and you wouldn't be far off. In between his spastic fits, Stuart would shout, “Look at what I can do!” and bust headlong into a dipsy doodle (a dance of a dope).

Now, Michael McDonald is off MADtv and getting back to what started his career: stand up. He may not do Stuart Larkin live on stage, but you can always pray for a dipsy doodle or two.

Get to Improv Paradise Live, located at 5700 Seminole Way in Hollywood, for personal stories from the funnyman himself. Shows runs February Thursday through Saturday, and each viewing has a two drink minimum. Tickets cost $18 to $22. Visit improvftl.com for showtimes.
Feb. 26-28, 2009