Joe Six Pack Spirit

Last season, the Florida Marlins introduced the first ever Major League Baseball all-male dance squad. That in and of itself would be unique. But the Manatees are not your every day, run-of-the-mill male pep squad dancers. They're actually your every day, run-of-the-mill average Joes. And by that, we mean they're shaped like potatoes, they spend most of their time being couch potatoes, and most likely spend a lot of time eating potato chips. The Manatees Dance/Energy Squad is basically a bunch of happy fat guys dancing and cheering for the Marlins for the crowd’s enjoyment. And now you have a chance to be one of them.

The Marlins are bringing the Manatees back for the 2009 season and will be holding open tryouts for the squad today at noon. Fit and toned men need not apply. Instead, they'll be looking for big men full of enthusiasm, with extra flair to jiggle and jive and entertain Marlins fans during Friday and Saturday home games. No prior dance experience is necessary. Gusto, a willingness to learn dance moves, and the ability to not be able to see your own feet when you look down is all you need.

The tryouts take place at US Century Bank Arena at FIU, at 11310 SW 17th St. in Miami. It's a free event; just arrive in Marlins attire. Visit, or call 305-626-7332.
Sun., Jan. 18, noon, 2009