We Don't Need Another Gyro

Your mouth is watering just thinking about it: Thin shavings of beautifully caramelized gyro meat finding comfort inside a warm, pillowy pita. Chunks of marinated lamb and pork souvlaki, charring as they rotate over open coals. The generous pouring of anise-flavored Ouzo and Greek wine, congregating with all the food to create a lusty, euphoric glow that radiates from your belly outward. You're an undeniable Greek food buff, all right. And this weekend, your time has come. The 30th Annual Greek Orthodox Festival is returning to Fort Lauderdale Friday through Sunday, bringing with it more sumptuous eats, live music, dancing, and games than you can shake a spanikopita at.

Held annually by St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, the festival has become more than just a few days of cultural reflection. With more than 6000 visitors attending each year, it's like a celebration for all of Fort Lauderdale — only with slightly more "opas" than you'd usually hear downtown. Five bucks gets you in the door, where you can listen to classical and modern Greek tunes from the Hellenics Band, peruse the various vendor booths hocking Greek merch, and take a quick class to brush up on the basics of Hellenic dance. Or just stuff your face with all the baklava, imported Feta, olives, fresh bread, and frappes you can manage. Your call!

Find St. Demetrios at 815 NE 15th Ave in Fort Lauderdale, or just park at Sears (901 N. Federal Hwy.) and hop a shuttle over for $1. The fest starts at noon each day. Visit stdemetrios.org for more info.
Feb. 6-8, 2009