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Cat Fight

“Johnny’s used to just be a twink bar,” says owner Sean David of the venerable gay club in the days before he owned it. “Now we’ve got all kinds of dancers. All kinds!” In fact, Johnny’s has over 50 dancers, and you’ll find 30 or so working the floor on any given evening. Tonight, however, they’ll take a back seat to the ladies. We are now three weeks into Drag Icons, the local Royal Rumble of drag queens, with just two nights left to go.

The competition is hosted by Gemini Stone and draws talent from such exotic locales as Palm Beach and . . . Detroit. All are vying for $500 in nightly prizes with a huge $1,000 pot just at the end of the rainbow. The contest is run trad-drag style — one song per chick, and the chicks got nothing to work with but wardrobe, makeup, and their own animal magnetism — and fans of the form ought to go totally gaga.

Other folks can go for the people-watching: Mondays is In The Biz night at Johnny’s, and observers who know their shit will see bartenders from across the gay mecca checking in for their nightcaps. And at Johnny’s, every weeknight brings 2-4-1 specials to dudes with the cojones to dress up like girls. Poor? Alcoholic? Shameless? Access to a female’s closet? Johnny’s is the place for you. You can find Johnny’s at 1116 West Broward Blvd., and on the web at Note: Johnny’s never charges a cover.
Mon., Dec. 15, 2008