When Convictions Become Crushing

Religion can be considered either part of our human makeup or a great distraction. But when that passion no longer allows for outside thought to creep in, it has a name: extreme religiosity.

On a smaller scale, we’ve all been guilty of isolating ourselves from those who challenge our most rooted ideals. On a larger scale, it invokes fear — terrorists planting bombs in the name of a higher power, or political sidestepping so that high-rolling religious organizations are appeased. But how often do we consider the many ways that our convictions, and those of others, negatively control our lives? Today, you can immerse yourself in a lecture and discussion on the topic with Dr. John Adams as he leads the forum “Extreme Religiosity and How it May Affect You.” It’s sponsored by Center for Inquiry Fort Lauderdale, an awesome organization dedicated to incorporating free thought and logical discussion into everyday practice, and the meeting is a great way to encounter other science-minded people. Arrive at 6:30 tonight for a half-hour of mingling, followed by a 7 p.m. presentation by Adams. It’s being held at Tigertail Lake Center at 580 Gulfstream Rd. in Dania Beach. Call 954-344-4355, email [email protected], or visit centerforinquiry.net/fll for more information.
Thu., Dec. 11, 6:30 p.m., 2008