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Kiss Your Fork at the Stroke of Midnight

As a youth, you were content with spending December 31 watching the nuts in Times Square lose their shit as Dick Clark counted down the seconds until that big disco ball in the sky plummeted to Earth. Somewhere along the line, ringing in the New Year became synonymous with champagne and tequila and hangovers. Then your mortgage was six months past due and you celebrated with a Swanson TV dinner and a bottle of Miller High Life. This year, recession or not, you shouldn’t be at home watching balls drop when 2009 rolls around. No need to do nose candy at Mansion; local restaurants are serving up New Year’s Eve dinners that will make you forget about 2008.

For a good time that’s economical and exotic, head to Segafredo Brickell, where they’ll be serving up dinner and bottle service at the same year-round prices. Call 305-577-9808 for reservations. Chic French restaurant Maison D’Azur (956 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) is celebrating the New Year and its new locale with belly dancers, a Sabred champagne toast, and beats courtesy of DJ Pierre Zonzon. For $250, you get a six-course dinner featuring foie gras and filet mignon, and $500 gets you a treat that’s better explained in a French accent. Call 305-403-1062 for details. Visit for a full listing of New Year’s Eve dinner destinations.
Wed., Dec. 31, 2008