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Q Is For Questionable

When you go to the theater tonight, don't bring your mama, don't bring the kiddies, and definitely don't bring any strait-laced goody-goody who can't watch puppets croon about porn, getting drunk, and rubbing furry parts. No, Avenue Q ain't Sesame Street, but it's still quality entertainment, especially for those of us who fondly remember what it was like to be in their early 20s. Follow along with the story of Princeton, a recent college graduate and new arrival to the neighborhood, as he interacts with a wacky group of renters: a closeted gay Republican, former child star, and Japanese therapist, among them. While aimlessly wondering about his life's purpose, poor Princeton manages to lose his love and hook up with a slut. Ever wonder if genital herpes on a puppet resembles piling? You may find yourself asking that very question after seeing Avenue Q.

There are some Homo sapien actors onstage, too, but the googly-eyed cast members that truly steal the show.
Dec. 30-Jan. 11, 2008