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Freedom Pop

The French have a knack for making anything sound positively charming — take Julie Budet, singer/rapper of Yelle, for instance. Her first major hit single, “Je Veux Te Voir,” is dripping with adorable vocals like a sticky sweet fruit-filled croissant. You wouldn’t suspect the lyrics are actually a jab about the size of fellow French rapper Cuizinier’s junk (Original title translation: “Short Dick Cuizi”).

Other spastically fabulous crunk-tracks off Budet’s new album, Pop-Up, dabble in equally debauched subject matter: breast measurements, lesbian temptations, and “Mon Meilleur Ami,” a sugary serenade to her favorite dildo.

Pleasantly perverse and addictively dancable, tonight’s Yelle show is bound to suck all who attend into an innapropriate Spring Break dancing tailspin. Join in the booty-shaking tonight at the Polish American Club (1250 NW 22 Ave., Miami). Tickets cost $15. Doors at 8 p.m. Get tickets at
Fri., Oct. 10, 2008