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Retro Two-Step

It’s rare nowadays that you go to a rock show and suddenly, irresistibly, you get the urge to dance. But that’s exactly what goes down at a Faint show: Todd Fink and company warm up the synths, roll off the stage into some chunky baselines, and, before you know it, the beats have invaded your Converse. Hearing the Omaha-born new-wave band live is like condensing the defining traits of the last 10-years of the dance-rock movement in one, unshakable boogie.

There’s the geeks-with keyboards slam dance of Blank Wave Arcade, the paranoid jitterbugging of their seminal release Danse Macabre, and the disinterested waltz of the gushy Wet From Birth. The Faint are now touring off their August release, Fasciinatiion, a disc that’s garnered a fairly wide range of reviews from triumphant to piss poor. But the real test is whether or not the news songs will put feet in motion tonight at 8 when the band visits the Culture Room (3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). Tickets cost $25. Visit
Sat., Oct. 25, 2008