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Get Out and Game

Being a hardcore gamer is not the best hobby for folks looking to improve their social skills. Spending hours on the couch with a controller in hand and headset strapped may be nirvana to some, but whether it really increases your human interaction experience points is highly debatable. That’s part of what’s behind SFX 360. The group’s mission: To get adults out of their living rooms and into a community of passionate game playing junkies. It seems to be working; in their first year, SFX 360 already has over a hundred members, ranking from the “achievement whores” to the “casual noobies.”

Their next big event comes this Saturday, when SFX360 presents Rockaween, a Halloween-flavored Guitar Hero III tournament. Considering it’s also a costume party with cash prizes, you can finally show up to a bar in your favorite Final Fantasy cos-play and not get laughed at. Join the growing SFX 360 community at 7 p.m. at the Inner Circle (2232 N. University Dr., Coral Springs). The tournament entry fee is $10. Call 786-303-1536, or visit for more details.
Sat., Oct. 25, 2008