“Hey Everybody: We’re All Gonna Get Laid…” | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

“Hey Everybody: We’re All Gonna Get Laid…”

As far as golf scrambles go, the PUMA Open, co-hosted by Maxim magazine, is sort of like the golf tournaments you see in beer commercials. You know the ones: Where a rag-tag foursome of Young Turks in barely-acceptable attire roll onto a course, upsetting the pompous old farts that run the place while simultaneously downing brews and yelling “Fore!” a lot. Only this time, you get to be those troublemakers.

The Open is a nine-hole scramble at the Diplomat Country Club (501 Diplomat Pkwy., Hallandale), though instead of simply participating in a “best ball” foursome, entrants will drink in excess while competing in themed holes like “The Lucky Seven” (in which you can only use your seven iron) and “On the Clock” (where fastest time, not lowest score, wins the day). But the fun doesn’t end on the course. After the Caddyshack-esque scramble, the entire group of rapscallions will retire to the clubhouse for more food and drink, plus an evening of Vegas-style gaming. You’ll get a wad of PUMA dollars to bet away on blackjack and poker, and your winnings, coupled with the points you earned in the scramble, could net you some nifty prizes (including a grand prize trip to the Maxim Bungalows in the Dominican Republic; now with fewer hurricanes!). It’s a cool way to turn the old boys club thing on its head — and, of course, to promote PUMA’s new line of hip, youth-oriented golf digs. The whole shebang kicks off at 3 p.m. Registration costs $50 per person; do it at www.thepumaopen.com.
Fri., Sept. 19, 2008