Going on a Treasure Hunt!

For the wealthy, economic slumps indicate that it’s time to buy. Snatching up undervalued real estate and stockpiling shares of companies while they’re in the toilet — these are things that smart investors do. Knowing that, you should work the system on a smaller scale: Buy loads of birthday and holiday presents while everyone’s having sales! Several of our local small businesses are cutting great deals right now. So break open your piggy bank — it’s time to be smart with your money. By shopping.

Jezebel (1980 E. Sunrise Blvd., Gateway Plaza, Fort Lauderdale)

The ultimate store for gifting is slashing its prices this week to give you a little recession relief. You’ll find marked down Halloween treasures, yummy-smelling candles, sparkly jewelry, and presents for every occasion — all this week! Why pay full price for that hostess gift? And don’t wait until the holidays are breathing down your neck to buy everything on your list. Learn from the squirrels and stash those treasures away until winter. With Jezebel’s help, this will be the grandest Christmas yet. (Nobody has to know you got it all on sale.) Call 954-233-1508.

Undergrounds Coffeehaus (2743 E. Oakland Park Blvd., East of Federal Hwy. and West of A1A, Fort Lauderdale)

Sure, Undergrounds has great coffee and a super-chill faux living room set up, but did you know that they have books, too? It’s true! And — wait for it, wait for it — they’re on sale! For the month of October you can stock up on juicy paperbacks (only $1!) and gently used standard books for 50 percent off. You’ll feel smarter for splurging (a little bit) on literature, and you’ll read it twice as fast after you load up on java. Call 954-630-1900.

Lèche-Vitrines Art Gallery (3038 N. Federal Hwy., Times Square Plaza, Second Floor, Fort Lauderdale)

If you haven’t made it into this refreshingly cool local gallery, now is the time. Lèche’s proprietor, Danielle Lanteigne, is making way for a new season’s worth of art, pottery, jewelry, glass, and more by cleaning house. And you, dear reader, get to reap the benefits! You see, Ms. Lanteigne has a knack for culling together pieces that are both unusually intriguing and are still beautiful enough to light up your hearth. But to keep things fresh and keep promoting new talent, she’s got to make a little room. (Spoiler alert: This is where you come in.) Until October 11th, New Times’ readers can get anything in the gallery at a discount; some pieces are going for 50% off! And while real estate is a highly suspect investment, great art and jewelry always retain their value. If you have a favorite work lying limply on the floor of your closet, bring it in; the sale includes up to 20% off of framing! Call 954-563-2993, or check it out before you buy at www.lechevitrinesart.com

Radio-Active Records (1930B E. Sunrise Blvd., Gateway Plaza, Fort Lauderdale)

You’re so lucky. One dollar barely gets you a small order of fries at McDonald’s, so how is it that a buck could buy you a lifetime of happiness? Seriously, if you’re super addicted to old vinyl, then you know that scoring a record for a dollar is better than getting a hug from the Easter Bunny. It just makes you giddy. Why blow your whole wallet on piss-poor digital downloads when you can flip through Radio-Active’s dollar record bins? Sure, the gems might need a little dusting, but you could find that old Don Ho album that makes you do the hula while cooking dinner. Treasures like those are priceless. Call ‘em at 954-762-9488.
Wed., Oct. 1, 2008