Water: It Makes Stuff Grow

There’s no denying that our earth is in peril. We’ve gotten used to easing through our daily routines — regardless of the strain placed on our natural resources. Yet we’re flabbergasted when wildfires race through the Everglades, hyperactive hurricane seasons dismantle our roofs, and the most searing of yard enemies, drought, stays to visit for long stretches. It isn’t that Mother Nature is a cruel woman; she’s simply been taken advantage of by our collective need for immediate gratification. And like any chick on the brink of snapping, she’s gotten a little pissy.

There are so many little things we can do to heal our precious soil; one of the simplest green moves is the trusty rain barrel. Collecting today’s stormy weather for next week’s arid spell is a snap, especially after you learn the in’s and out’s during at today’s lecture at the Mounts Botanical Garden, Rain Harvesting: Put it Away for Another Day. Agricultural and Natural Resources Extension Agent Alyssa Dodd will lead the class and explain why — while we see water everywhere — the amount that is useable is so terribly sacred. Also, all participants will get — hold on, wait for it — their own complimentary rain barrel! (Anyone who’s checked them out online knows that with shipping fees, larger rain barrels tend to cost about a hundred bucks. Today’s workshop ranges in price based on the size of your desired barrel: $50 for a 25 gallon drum, or $60 for 55 gallons. Both prices include the cost of the class.) Get your eco-savvy on today from 9 a.m. until noon. Call 561-233-1757 or visit www.mounts.org.
Wed., July 23, 9 a.m., 2008