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Grow Up Already!

Most American men handle mid-life crises in a traditional fashion: a new sports car, a hair transplant, or a catastrophic divorce. In Full Grown Men, a film by David Muno, the 35 year-old protagonist leaves his wife for Diggityland, his favorite theme park. With a childhood friend in the passenger seat, he sets off down the Florida Orange Blossom Highway. Things turn sour as the two pick up a series of increasingly demented hitchhikers. The first is an extremist ex-carnie in camouflage; he has a score to settle with Diggityland. Amy Sedaris joins them as a sluttish bartender training to be a clown. The group becomes five with the inclusion of a woman from a trailer park who pines after the days when she was a locally renowned mermaid. What was supposed to be a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane becomes a nightmarish romp into the Absolute Void. The award-winning film shows today, 4 and 8 p.m., at the Lake Worth Playhouse (709 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth). Tickets cost $8 or less. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
July 18-24, 2008