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Following Blueprints

Most people can’t build a building, and building people is probably a hell of a lot harder. But Benefactors is about that very thing. Michael Frayn’s 1984 drama follows a frustrated architect as he turns from the increasing drudgery of cookie-cutter skyscraper construction to the more interesting task of reconstructing an unhappy couple with whom he and his wife are acquainted. This will not be as dull as it sounds — first of all, the cast’s got Todd Allen Durkin, Nanique Gheridian, Irene Adjan, and Michael St. Pierre, which is probably the best lineup you’ll hear about this year. And Palm Beach Dramaworks (322 Banyan, West Palm Beach) is the authority on these types of topics — where people try, fail, and try again to live with themselves and each other. Expect good things. Benefactors plays Friday night through June 15, and tickets run $10 to $40. Visit
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: April 24. Continues through June 15, 2008