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The Sodom & Gomorrah to Thelma & Louise

A pulpy, pornographic film from the ´90s is surfacing at the Gateway Theatre (1820 East Sunrise Boulevard) today. The Living End, directed by Gregg Araki, is about a pair of gay outlaws. The one is a movie critic with HIV, waiting for AIDS to set in. The other is a hustler and a killer. Both men have the good looks of Renaissance sculptures or mid-´80s porn stars. Together, they cross the law in L.A. and go on the run á la Thelma and Louise. They jack a pickup truck from a couple of murderous lesbians. Along the way, they have some terribly violent sex. (It’s not rated, so anything goes.) The cast list mentions a Buddhist, a neo-Nazi, “a couple in a 7-Eleven,” and Tarzan – not to mention, Jane. Upon its obscure release in 1992, one reviewer lauded it as a sign of the times. Tickets cost $8.50 or less. Call 954-763-7994, or visit
Sun., March 16, 2008