If a DJ Trainwrecks in Wynwood, Does He Make A Sound?

Right about – wait for it, wait for it – now, there are 6,145 DJs spinning wax at WMC parties across Miami (not an official statistic). Stacked end-to-end, that’s enough skull-capped hipsters to circle the island of Miami Beach from the southernmost tip to the Convention Center and back. Scary. Point is, there’s going to be much overlap; How will you ever identify the players from the posers?

Here’s how: You forget Miami Beach and it’s day-glo drones and head out to “Noises from the Underground” at the Jakmel Art Gallery in Wynwood (3501 NW Second Ave., Miami). “Noises” is an art show-cum-electro showcase, where local Miami peeps who may someday grace gallery walls and album covers alike will throw down some serious craft. The show’s organizer Franceasca Seiden knows a smidge about both the audio and the visual realm – her production company 3GZ is best known for the electro documentary Darkbeat, which is screening at ULTRA and other venues around WMC – so she decided to combine both elements in one kick-ass show. On the art side, local graf-artists, painters, and photographers such as Miles will set up shop: He captures Miami denizens in their rocking-est moments, like at, say, a bondage party. As for your ear holes, Miami’s dynamic laptop duo, Electric Porkchop (two great flavors that taste great together), will do the dirty work with their cut-and-paste remix sets. There will be nearly a dozen other artists across both spectrums, which means whether you like art in your rock or rock in your art, you’re set. Now that’s a DJ shindig you can get your booty behind. $5 gets you in the door. Call 305-917-5257, or email info@3gzproductions.com.
Thu., March 27, 2008