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Auto Eroticism

There’s a certain guilt attributed to appreciating the muscle cars of the 1960s and ΄70s. Yes, they were beautiful, sleek things, full of power and grace. But they were gas-guzzlers, man. And we all know gas is evil. Michael Moore told us so. But before you go sobbing over your classic ΄Stang, consider that today’s vehicles aren’t any better. Actually, they’re worse! We’ve got Hummers – the H3 only gets 13 mpg – and all types of other totally unnecessary, petrol-swillin’ SUVs. Even our current sports cars are higher in horsepower and lower in MPG than your average muscle car. At least automakers of yesteryear could claim ignorance over the whole fossil fuels issue; what can today’s engineers say for themselves?

Point is, you can totally transfer your disdain from the excess of the great American autos to modern cars, freeing you up to appreciate the beauty of those early styles, all over again. Apologist headquarters? “The Great Age of American Automobiles,” the latest exhibit at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale (One E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). Besides showcasing the artistic qualities of post-WW II American vehicles like the Cadillac Cyclone and the Plymouth Barracuda, the exhibit will take enthusiasts behind the scenes with detailed sketches and mock-ups from the engineers who worked on them. “Automobiles” runs until June 23; admission costs $10. Call 954-525-5500, or visit
Feb. 10-June 23, 2008