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Fill Your Weekend With Funny… and Popcorn.

Bret Ernst is hustling through his third state in as many days. His new film debuts on a grand scale Friday, and there’s been a lot of preparation to do, like hyping the movie from Seattle to Atlanta at limited-release premiers: Just listening to the comedian’s travel itinerary makes you want a big, long nap.

Bret will assure you that it’s been worth it. The media whirlwind began a couple years ago when Vince Vaughn approached him with the idea: Vaughn wanted to make a concert-film-meets-road-film, seasoned with the best emerging stand up talent from LA’s famous club, the Comedy Store. What resulted was Bret’s greatest experience to date: a 30-day, 30-gig stand-up-meets-variety show, with Vince and crew traveling cross country together on a tour bus. All of that footage was sifted through and then smartly stitched together, creating the movie, Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show. And it’s basically awesome.

Wild West’s comedians are the kinds of guys you want to root for. You empathize with them, laugh with them, and by the time the credits roll you feel as though you’ve lived through that momentous month in one of the bus’ bunk beds. Brett is no exception. He’s got an everyman quality that’s easy to relate to, like when he tells New Times about his daily conflict between party jams and driving music. “When I’m at home, I listen to a lot of music from when I was 19, growing up in South Florida – Jodeci, booty bass, that stuff. But when I’m driving I like to put on ´70s divorce music, because it chills me out.” Of course, such dichotomy can be potentially perilous. Bret explains: “One day I was driving and I got into an altercation with this guy, and I’m yelling at him, screaming. But in the background I realized that ‘Mandy’ by Barry Manilow is blasting from my car. It’s like, c’mon – how tough can you be, guy?"

Cheer and laugh with the underdogs starting tonight, when Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show opens nationwide.
Fri., Feb. 8, 2008