Pistol-Toting Mammas, Unite!

Your week is stressful. Aside from your professional daytime gig, you spend your evenings taking care of everyone in your life (translation: Those cats don’t feed themselves). This can build up aggression that, if left unchecked, could reveal itself in unpleasant ways. You could, for example, eventually become so bitter that you communicate only through a language of complex grunts. Or you might banish all of that negativity to a deep corner of your soul and take up scrapbooking. Neither of those is an attractive way to go through life.

Maybe you should try guns.

Yes! Unloading the chamber of a seven-shot, 357 Magnum into a target just seems to wipe the old emotional slate clean! That’s where Ladies’ Night at American Range and Gun Shop (3130 SW 19TH St., #453, Pembroke Park) comes into the picture. Ranges can be expensive, but at Ladies’ Night all non-consumables are complimentary (consider it their way of courting you, the scamps). You’ll still shell for ammo and targets, but your lane rental, gun rental, and eye/ear protection is on the house. More importantly, you’ll start your next workweek with new pep in your step (and, if you take the range’s concealed-weapons class, maybe a Derringer in your boot). Call 954-989-6968, or visit americangunrange.com.
Fridays, 2008