Say Our Tearful Goodbyes

“Well, it’s certainly been a long season, guys. We’ve had some really low points, and… some other really low points. But I have to say, I’ll miss you. Yes, my fellow fans and I have spewed a lot of vitriol about y’all over the airwaves, in print, and across the Internet. But the time we share each year, however short, is always memorable. And this year was no exception. It seems the NFL had lost something in this embattled season, among its embarrassing performances, spygate scandals, and snide commentary. But you helped us find it. The joy of the win.

“A win is something no one can take away, but we take it for granted. Each week that you didn’t win, we sunk lower and lower with you. The only thing we could do to make the pain stop was laugh and mock. But you didn’t listen to us. You never gave up. And when you finally did earn that win, it was as sweet as it gets. It was your Super Bowl. Your Rudy. And ours.

“In today’s NFL, where winning is so all-important that the experience no longer harbors pleasure or contemplation, where celebrations are finite and fineable, where ‘one week at a time’ is the only mantra we’re given, the joy of the win is all but forgotten. Thank you for helping us find it again.”

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Sun., Dec. 30, 1 p.m., 2007