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Step Away From the Pajamas

It’s a helluva dry spell since that the blasted writers strike started; we’re suffering a collective case of television blue balls. Thankfully one of the most avidly followed shows on cable will start a new season on Sunday night, regardless. And while there will be parties all across the country to welcome the program’s cast of hot, emotionally tormented women back into our living rooms, the L Word Season Five Premiere Party at New Moon (2440 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors) is sure to be one of the biggest (and certainly, the funnest).

You see, New Moon’s screening party is co-sponsored by HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and Showtime, so the ten bucks you shell at the door goes into the pocket of the rockin’ activist group HRC, which you know will use it to fight the good fight. Also, once you’re inside, watch all of the steamy fun with hundreds of your closest girlfriends while trying to win L Word give-away prizes (compliments of Showtime). There will be plenty of weeks ahead to watch Season Five’s episodes alone, in your pajamas. But with all of this going on this Sunday, staying home just isn’t an option. And who knows? Maybe you’ll make some friends to watch the rest of the season with. Call 954-563-7660, or visit
Sun., Jan. 6, 2008