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Put the “Fun” Back In Erectile Dysfunction

Other scripts have followed this storyline: two long-time buddies share a hooker only to find out that the results weren’t as sexually rewarding as originally hoped. In them, one of three things typically happens: (1) the hooker dies; (2) the hooker dies, leading one friend to kill the other because he wanted to tell the cops “the truth”; (3) the hooker only looks dead… really she’s going to come back from the brink to kill the two friends, take their money, and then send an anonymous letter to each of their wives – letting them know that they admitted their love to one another in Vegas and were never coming home again.

But let me clarify this: None of that happens in Viagra Falls. No way. While this play shares that basic, original premise, it does so in a friendly, Old Hollywood kind of way. Oh! And it adds in the elderly (insert dirty Parkinson’s/hand job joke here), erectile dysfunction, “little blue pills,” and a friendly, Three’s Company-type of call girl -- the kind that you’d pay just to pat your hand while you vent about your day’s trials, not a trashy hooker named Destiny who reeks of Shalimar. See what all the build-up is about during Viagra Falls’ opening weekend at Hollywood Playhouse (2640 Washington St., Hollywood). The show runs through the end of April. Tickets cost $38. Call 954-922-0404.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 18. Continues through April 30, 2008