Beauty is Fleeting

“In the unstoppable march for modernization and globalization,” says Holden Luntz, of Holden Luntz Gallery (, “so much of what is precious, unique, and sacred is vanishing.” He’s discussing the new exhibit “Karo & Surma: Body Painting,” which is making its inaugural debut Saturday. The series documents the wildly beautiful ritual makeup and costumes of the Southwest Ethiopia’s Karo and Surma tribes in a 33-piece photo series. Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher took the pictures; in fact, they’ve spent the past three decades documenting tribal rituals in remote corners of Africa -- many of which no longer exist, making exhibits like this all the more poignant. Holden Luntz agrees, but adds that “this magical body of work underscores the fragility of disappearing cultural practices and people.” See it through December 15th. Admission is free. Call 561-805-9550, or visit
Sat., Nov. 10, 2007