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Stanhope vs. Poorhouse in the Game of Love

You say you like dirty-ass-funny comedy and sleazy dive bars. If you somehow miss seeing Doug Stanhope at the best bar in this god-forsaken city, the Poorhouse (110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale), then you don’t deserve to ever set foot in Broward County again - ever, never, ever. End of story. If you’re a fan of comedy but don’t know who Doug Stanhope is, you probably enjoy the Other Kind of stand-up. The kind that doesn’t involve cussing, boozing, drugging, the benefits of abortion, or inviting conspiracy theorists on stage – that’s cool. Stay home. There’ll be more room for those of us who do. See, Stanhope doesn’t tell jokes as much as he offers a smorgasbord of stories and vignettes that border somewhere between slander and wisdom. The not-to-be-missed show happens Friday at 9 pm and the cost is unknown. Visit Get there early before the show sells out, he gets too drunk, or someone picks a fight.
Fri., Nov. 9, 9 p.m., 2007