The Difference Between Men and Women?

So you can’t seem to get this whole Battle of the Sexes thing down. You try dating, but girls ditch you faster than dirty laundry. You act sweet and chivalrous and buy flowers -- she’s allergic. Bake her some cookies -- she’s diabetic. You finally hook up, but suddenly she’s looking right past you. Well, hey, you’ve been playing hard to get, haven’t you? Maybe too hard. Turns out she cried over you for days, then vowed never to speak to you again, and now she’s getting solace in your best bud’s arms. Oops.

It may seem like hope is lost, but don’t give up yet, pal. What you need is a serious relationship pow-wow courtesy of Robert Dubac. See, Dubac’s been traveling the country, building bridges between the sexes for ten years now with his hit one-man show, The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? That means (a) he knows that relationships between men and women can’t be solved with a Boys’ Club mentality and (b) that serious self-examination should be melded with equal parts humor. The result is a totally silly but hilarious trek through the male psyche that actually meets both sexes half way. Is that the secret to success? Who knows. But if it fails, you still get to see Dubac do a cool trick with two cigarettes, his ear lobes, and a copy of Dueling Banjos (hoo boy). Catch Male Intellect Monday and Tuesday at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre (1001 E. Indiantown Rd., Jupiter). Tickets will run ya’ $35 per. Call 561-575-2223, or visit
Tue., Nov. 20, 2007