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Media Deathmatch

There’s nothing more headache-inducing than the Britney-Lindsay-Paris terror trifecta presently hogging headlines. But before you start jamming knives into your peepers to assuage the irreversible damage done to your sensibilities, you might want to relax a smidge, slide into an aisle seat, and watch said media-snafuing parodied on the silver screen. @body:In the riveting arthouse psychodrama Interview, buttoned-up war correspondent Pierre Peders (Steve Buscemi, who also directs) is exiled to profile an “it” celebrity: y’know, the kind whose Scotch-swilling, pill-popping proclivities echo the worst habits from the sleazebuckets mentioned above. At first, Katya’s tawdry acting gigs (slasher-genre sleaze and primetime soaps, anyone?) and vapid ordinariness scream textbook brainless celeb, yet one taxicab crash lands the surly journalist inside her cavernous metropolitan loft. Emboldened by the intimate surroundings, Pierre spews a litany of sardonic charm and subterfuge, while Katya (Sienna Miller) draws her trump card: she’s no dummy. In seconds flat, she mood-swings from philosophic intellectual to self-reflective sex kitten. A coke-snortin’ delinquent (ahem) she ain’t, and the cerebral tête-à-tête isn’t far behind. Catch Buscemi’s dialogue-savvy, dark comedy tonight at 7 p.m. at Cinema Paradiso (503 SE Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale) and tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Lake Worth Playhouse (713 Lake Ave., Lake Worth). Tickets cost $5 to $8 at both venues. Call 561-586-6410 (LWP) and 954-525-3456 (CP), or visit and
Thu., Sept. 13