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HSM: Inducing More Smiles Than Paxil

"What time is it? Party time! That's right -- say it loud!" Do you know what song this is from? Those are genuine, bona-fide lyrics from Disney's High School Musical movie franchise, which is, like, the hottest film phenomenon in the universe. If you have seen it, you (a) probably have a relative under the age of 14, and therefore (b) will be extremely popular when you buy tickets to High School Musical: The Ice Tour, as it skates through Bank Atlantic Center (2555 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise) with three performances on Thursday. Besides, what would a Disney show be without an ice tour?!

Everyone is talking about the not-that-racy naked pictures of HSM's star, Vanessa Hudgens, but that has nothing to do with this ice show. Vanessa Hudgens won't even be there. In fact, as soon as Disney backlashes the pictorial spread by touching her with its devilishly gloved, white finger of career demise, she won’t be anywhere. So it’s safe to round up the kids and go see the ice show. If you don't have access to anyone under the age of 14, you probably know plenty of gay men who are secretly dying for an excuse to attend. Tickets run $18 to $56. Visit www.ticketmaster.com, or call 954-835-8000.
Sept. 18-20