Back in (Ian) Black

You've beheld his physical beauty on Sierra Mist commercials. You've constructed shrines to his biting commentary on VH1's I love the ´90's and his comedic genius in cult-classics like Wet Hot American Summer and The Ten. Why not go see the whole live man? He’s a wonderful man. Oh yes. So wonderful, in fact, that Michael Ian Black's first stand-up comedy album is titled, "I am a wonderful man." And this wonderful man likes his new stand up gig just fine. "You go on stage for an hour or so and then you're done for the day," Black says, struggling after a late night of poker in San Francisco, where he and Michael Showalter -- a friend and fellow cast member from MTV's The State -- crashed last week in the middle of their 25-city tour. "When you don't have a good work ethic, that's a very good job," Black says.

But this off-beat comedic prodigy does make the funny look effortless. He recently co-wrote Run Fat Boy, Run, a movie directed by David Schwimmer that comes out in March. "A fat guy runs a marathon," Black explains. “Hilarity ensues.” He's also getting back together with the rest of The State to make a movie for Comedy Central with all new skits and all 11 cast members. We're thinking of inventing a time machine just to see it sooner. But until that’s constructed, go see Black and Showalter Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Theater (854 Conniston Rd., West Palm Beach). We'll be there, trying to sleep with them. Tickets cost $23. Visit
Sat., Oct. 27, 8 p.m., 2007