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Slang Phrase Architect Arrives

“Booty call” has entered Webster’s Dictionary of the New Millennium: It’s defined as “a telephone call made to arrange a sexual rendezvous,” and its presence there is proof positive that we’re living in the future. Who imagineered the term? That illustrious credit goes to Bill Bellamy, the actor/comedian who turned the phrase during a stand-up routine in the early ´90s.

Bellamy has since gone on to bigger and better things. He’s the current host of the reality show Last Comic Standing, and he was a co-star in the former Fox series Fast Lane. He’s riffs on pregnancy-test commercials and the irrevocability of penis size, and his analysis of the different ways that black families and white families prepare for the zoo is as much a work of sociology as comedy. Tonight is your last chance to catch him at the West Palm Beach Improv Theatre (550 S. Rosemary Ave., Suite 250, West Palm Beach). Tickets cost $25.93. Find out more at, or call 561-833-1812.
Sun., Sept. 2, 8 p.m.