On Any Given Sunday


In addition to just being a great bar, New Moon’s (2440 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors) distinguishing characteristic is that you can pull up a stool, watch sports, and carry on a conversation that’s evolved beyond grunting (and, co-requisite, crotch scratching). On Sundays, this Wilton Manors establishment houses both the gals from the local softball league with NFL Sunday ticket-seekers bonding together over $8 domestic buckets. Imagine A League of Their Own meets Wildcats – just please don’t use the term “powder puff.” Call 954-563-7660, or visit www.newmoonbar.com.

Television tally: 12

Strange Bru

It’s easy to feel like a football-loving fish out of water when you’re a South Florida transplant. In your old city, hunkering down at a local bar was all it took to be immersed in camaraderie, the type that can only exist over a common love of specific football teams, inexpensive beer, and lots and lots of chicken wings. Fortunately, the Delray Bru’s Room (35 NE Second Ave., Ste. 330, Delray Beach) has your back. Its staff divides this spacious sports haven into regions, so that like-minded fans can cheer for their team-of-choice in good company. Make common allies (and nemeses) while sucking down five-for-ten domestic bottles. You’re home again. Call 561-276-3663

Television tally: Three big screens, eight large plasmas, and 20 regulars. (We’ll save you the math; that equals 31.)

Good for What Ales You

Thank god for teachers who grade on a bell curve. When you and your class need points the most, that trusty bonus is there for you – bailing your sorry ass out yet again. The same logic applies to game day drink specials at Boca Ale House (9244 W. Glades Rd., Boca Raton). By half-time, you’re drinking faster and your wallet is getting lighter; fortunately, that’s precisely when the bartenders begin pouring two, three, and four-dollar specialty drinks. (If you’re a dame, half-time means free wells, drafts, and wine). At those prices, you’ll be cheering for overtime. Call 561-487-2989.

Television tally: Estimated between 45 and 60
Sundays. Starts: Sept. 9. Continues through Feb. 1, 2007