Swimming For Shore

Ahhh, remember the Miami Dolphin's 2007 offseason? Those were great times! Magical times. Times when we were still optimistic about our dewy-faced, new head coach Cam Cameron -- a guy we knew would be able to turn a bloated 6-10 team into a bunch of winners! Remember how he made no promises, that clever pragmatist he? Remember the DWI's? Remember the South Beach police brawl and Joey Porter’s un-carded Vegas fracas?!? Remember how in the face of the thousands of fans barking and howling over his and Randy Mueller's decision to pass up the draft's top quarterback, Brady Quinn, in favor of the promising, yet hobbled speedster Ted Ginn Jr., Cam simply patted our heads with a matron’s grace and assured us everything would be OK? Whattaguy!

'Course, even Ginn's crippled ankle couldn't stand up next to Mr. Knee-That-Sank-a-Winning-Season himself, Daunte Culpepper. And damn, did Cam pay Daunte back. He strung the big lug along mightily (can he practice? is he traded? will they release him? will they trade him?). After that, not even the Jacksonville Jaguars wanted him. (Culpepper did end up signing with the Raiders… imagine that.) Instead, Del Rio and crew opted for a safer bet in back-up QB Tim Couch. Tim Couch! Hell, Cam himself settled for Concussion Joe (er...Trent Green). Which should give the Fins and Jags plenty to reminisce about when they open the preseason against each other at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Dolphin's Stadium (2269 Dan Marino Blvd, Miami). Tickets start at $29: nab them at the gate, or call 1-888-FINS-TIX.