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Award That Man

Fort Lauderdale painter Alfred Phillips has brought home his fair share of art awards. Ten of those awards Phillips won in 2004 alone. It was a pivotal year for the artist, whose acrylic-based landscapes, wildlife portraits, and studies of carnival masks earned him points with the local arts cognoscenti. But it wasn’t until 2005 when Phillips’ paintbrush made its mark on a national level. And it wasn’t one of his still-lifes that earned Phillips a spot on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. It was Yahoo!, a piece tailor-made for the Broward Art Guild’s annual “Controversy” exhibit. The painting, which shows our proud president taking it up the rear from an Arab, was a statement about U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Naturally, some yahoo got all up in arms about the piece, and the exhibit lived up to its name. So it’s understandable if Phillips wants a little peace and quiet for his latest, non-controversial exhibit.
Feb. 4-28