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Ball Boy

So the name of the movie is Guys and Balls, eh? What, is it about a gay soccer team or something? Um, actually… yeah, it is. And the title’s double entendre is wholly intended, as is the subtle snickering it invites. This is, after all, a romantic comedy (and a German one, at that). But it’s also a film about overcoming adversity – the adversity of small-minded jocks who can’t deal with a little diversity.

Ecki works at his father’s bakery in the small town of Dortmund, though his real passion is soccer. But after getting blamed for blowing his team’s big game, Ecki’s on the outs with his teammates. And that’s just the start of it; when they learn of Ecki’ s homosexuality, they give him the boot. Determined, Ecki vows to assemble an all-gay soccer team to challenge his former mates, giving himself a timeline of only four weeks. As Ecki soon learns, it’s an uphill battle, both on and off the field -- but it’s a battle he has to fight. It’s either that or a lifetime of enduring gay baker jokes. Guys and Balls is shown Thursday through Sunday at Cinema Paradiso (503 NE Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale). Call 954-525-FILM, or visit
May 3-7