Are You Ready to see “The Big Picture?” | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Are You Ready to see “The Big Picture?”

The Norton Museum's current exhibition, “The Big Picture,” is proof positive that some things have to be seen to be appreciated. After all, we're talking about really, really big photographs here (and don't think “blurry” like when you’re zooming in trying to fumble around with Photoshop). Thanks to technological advances in photography over the past 20 years, huge prints can now be developed that still retain crystal-clear resolution, which means wall-sized exemplars of atmosphere that will do you like no 8x10 glossy ever could. The exhibit highlights eleven recently acquired works, including world-renowned German photographer Thomas Demand, whose technique involves constructing elaborate 3D models; Reiner Leist who took a series of over 2,400 photos from his New York City apartment window; Elger Esser, and Chuck Glose.

“The Big Picture” runs through September 23rd at the Norton Museum of Art (1451 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach). Admission ranges from $3 to $8. Call 561-832-5196, or visit for more information.