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Metal on Metal

It takes balls of steel to schedule a local metal showcase on the same night that Slayer is playing; it takes a set made of titanium to house it in a place called the Hookah Hut (2980 N. Federal Hwy., Ste 4, Boca Raton). While traditionally chillaxed upscale bohemian types and the studded belt/tongue/neck metal crowds have never historically mixed – the Hut’s become a hotspot for metal/hardcore shows. What can I say? These are the 2000’s; all bets are off. Tonight’s showcase is full of heavy hitter/growler/screamers from the Palm Beach County, its upper extremities, and beyond as far as the Garden State. Without-A-Struggle and Serenade of Sorrows hail from West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, respectively. These local boys have become crowd favorites, making many heads of long, flowy hair thrash at the Hookah Hut and Backbone Music with whiplash-inducing intensity. Monday Morning Massacre is a grind-heavy barrage from Port Saint Lucie, and This Day They Fear is a Sarasota group that focuses on the more technically melodic aspects of metal. Of course, the main draw of the night is out of town act At Rest. They’re down from Jersey and fully ready to ferret through your ear canals like a jackhammer through hot concrete. And with tickets being only $8, you’ll feel better about missing Slayer. Call 561-549-0875.