Creepy T’s Rise Again

Creepy T’s fans have seen it all: farfisa player Tom Walls leading Elvis tribute sets in restaurants typically renowned for their fried seafood, dynamite ferret-smuggling glimpses of lead singer/writher Derek Hyde bent over (provocatively?) in a leopard thong, and even a former drummer arguing passionately – and rather seriously – with a shrunken head before demanding that everybody leave them alone to continue their conversation in private…and meaning it. They are one of the most unpredictable bands in town, and that’s only part of what makes them so special.

These boys hold a sticky place in our hearts. They do it by blending enough stripped down, no nonsense (OK, a little nonsense) primitive garage rock tunes to make you want to throw on an old Headcoats album when you get home, then they smash it up with so many Cramps-style screams and howls that you’ll want to cover yourself with molasses and roll on a bed of pitted dates, just to shake the demons out. They’ve been on hiatus lately – culling the masses for that perfect new drummer. Someone with rhythm. Someone with a van that’s not writhing with pet snakes. Someone… just Creepy enough. Now that they have him, they’re back from an eight-month hibernation period with longer hair and nails and a deep-seated desire to rock your ass. See what you’ve been missing tonight at the Mental Ward (1931 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale), when the T’s play with other deranged acts the Dirty Boxes and the Freakin’ Hott. Check ´em out at