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Want to go Back to Dance in the 1950's?

Are you tired of turning on the oldies station only to discover that they are playing the exact same 20 songs that they played yesterday? And they aren’t even your favorites?! Jon Sommers understands. He left oldies radio for just those reasons and has since started Jukebox Friday Nights, a free, live, weekly dance party where he spins thousands of doo-wop and rock ´n’ roll hits from the ´50s through the ´70s. It started as a small idea, a response to an overwhelming barrage of more than 8,000 emails; each pleading for “Jammin Jon Sommers” to play the underground hits they miss most. But even Jon was surprised at how quickly it ballooned into a dance party phenomenon. Simply by word of mouth, hundreds of people (from 20-Somethings to Boomers) are now making the weekly drive (some from as far away as the Keys) to request their favorite tunes and twist the night away on the dance floor of the Best Western Plantation (1711 N. University Dr., Plantation). “The other dynamic that I never thought would happen were all of the folks writing me saying ‘Jon! We met such nice people there on Friday that we all went out together on Saturday night!’ That was a nice surprise.” gushed Sommers. But was that the nicest surprise? Naw. “I’m not governed by the FCC anymore,” laughed Sommers, “so I don’t have to have commercials!” Meet some new friends, shake a leg (what the hell: shake both), and shimmy over to the Best Western this Friday at 7:30 p.m. This party goes until the bar closes down. Call (954) 556-8200, or email [email protected]
Fridays, 2006