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A Cosplay Paradise

You anime dance-off freaks, dare New Times. Go outright and say it: If you’re into cosplay, you’re into competition — like, really into competition. You J-Pop-star-loving peeps, when’s the last time you’ve even run with the herd that doesn’t know what cosplay stands for? Yes, some folks out there still don’t: For them, cosplay means “costume play.” And no arguing against it — that inherently sounds fun — so, cosplay converts, you’re welcome. If you want to eat large amounts of Pocky, a Japanese snack consisting of chocolate-coated biscuit sticks, really fast, for you there will be a Pocky-eating contest Saturday at “A Super Cosplay Christmas! at Florida Super Comics, Games, Anime & More!” alongside the anime dance-off. Of course, you’ll want to join in on the cosplay costume contest. Hell, you’re wearing your Eve from the Parasite Eve videogame outfit to role-play, so you’ll also be entering the cosplay skit contest. A cosplay photo shoot? Forget about it; develop that photo — two words: Christmas cards. You’ll say “Yes, sign me up,” for the manga art contests, anime trivia contests and screenings, as well as the cosplay panels and workshops. And you’ll drink some of those weird but oh-so-delicious Japanese drinks to prep for the Dance Dance Revolution contests and Rockband tournaments. “A Super Cosplay Christmas!” is from 11 a.m. to midnight Saturday at Florida Super Comics, Games, Anime & More! (5917 S. University Drive, Davie), a store that is open every day of the year. As any store owner would appreciate, bring some cash and enjoy the 10 percent off sale on anything anime-related, which gives you options like toys, plushies, manga, Japanese snacks, and messenger bags. Call 954-434-4822, or visit floridasupercomics.com.
Sat., Dec. 18, 11 a.m., 2010