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Black Finger at Elwood's 3/26

Leading lights of the new Lake Worth crop of rootsy acts, Black Finger is a rock band, and that's it. And that's a good thing. Instead of relying on subgenre flair, the quartet plays straight-ahead, slightly shuffling, twangy tunes meant straight for the heart of the Great American Songbook.

The lack of fancy frills brings the attention squarely back to the act's songwriting, which boasts just enough pop hooks and tugs at the Everyman's heartstrings with its wistful observations of day-to-day life. ("Tom B," for instance, sings about the wife and kids.) Frontman Greg Lovell's rough-at-the-edges vocals are an especially lovely addition to the equation and should be in full, whiskey-sodden emotive effect this Saturday, when the band celebrates the release of its new full-length album, Tokyo.

There's another bit of happy news in this as well — the venue for the show is the reopened Elwood's. Yes, the old beloved Delray barbecue staple has reopened at the address of the old Blackfin and promises authentic barbecue, Cajun, and low country food along with a regular slate of live music.