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El Zolazo

There's nothing like a good festival. The food. The beer. The lengthy and varied lineups of entertainers. Festivals make for an all-around damn good time. The only problem is finding a decent Latin festivals. Sure, if the signs along the Palmetto are any indication, there's a Colombian festival every other week. But generally speaking, these smaller shows feature one, or if you're lucky two, semi-known acts, and the rest are comprised of Tio Pepito y Su Orquesta, Fulanito de Tal and Menganito de la Esquina de la Carreta. Which is why it's important to choose these outings carefully.

Enter El Zolazo, brought to you by El Zol 95.7 FM. This annual fest generally gathers a respectable who's-who of tropical talent for your enjoyment. At the very least, you can always count on the food to show up, and the Budweiser logo plastered in the top left-hand corner of the flyer assures there will be suds aplenty. Plus there will be plenty of musical variety, thanks to a lineup featuring merengue heavyweights Oro Solido, modern bachata from Toby Love and Carlos y Alejandra, and reggaetoneros Mr. A and Señor F, otherwise known as Alexis y Fido. Rounding out the lineup are Grupo Rush, Daniel Santacruz, Hector Acosta "El Torito," and Los Hermanos Rosario.