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Astari Nite

If you've been out and about at any of the hipper venues that still allow live music, you've most likely seen Astari Nite swoop in and swoon through a few cool songs. You may have even wondered just what those songs were and where you might get your mitts on them. Well, you need not wonder any longer, because this month, Astari Nite marks the official release of its eponymous EP. And it's set to take the stage at Vagabond to celebrate. 

Led by a tune titled "True Romance," the EP makes clear that the members of Astari Nite are not afraid to wear their dark hearts on their suitably gilded sleeves. Another highlight among the EP's five tracks is a little ditty called "From Carving Lips." Yes, the song takes a page from the Cure and turns it into a 21st-century lament. But it's also a celebration of love loss and dissolution, and it provides an almost giddily delirious tingle of the crash that's set to come. 

No, Astari Nite isn't the first band to sing and play about heartbreak; nor will it be the last. Still, as everyone who's ever had his or her heart broken will tell you, it sure as hell feels like the first time every time it happens. And that's the magic.