Misfit Fridays

Hipsterism is a devilishly tricky game. It's all about transforming your day-to-day life into an almost unmanageable mountain of MP3 mixtapes, limited-edition T-shirts, social networking, and 24/7 self-promotion. And besides your cherished laptop, the best portal to this kind of advanced 21st-century living is the über-hipster club night Misfit Fridays. Masterminded by Alexis Mincolla and Sam Baum of Team Overthrow, along with Damaged Goods (AKA Obi Tawil), this party is a playpen for the Beach's coolest kids and a proving ground for those looking to break the ranks.

Join the swarm of Day-Glo sunglasses, faux-gold chains, and fierce fist-pumping as it descends on Louis for this week's dose of electric decadence. With DJs Damaged Goods and Konflict, there's guaranteed to be indie, electro, and baile funk, among other bloggy tuneage. And while it's free to party, the door is tight, so if you really want in, your pants should be tighter.
Fridays, 2010