Longing for Lilith

So, you are still pining for the Lilith Fair. Every time a Sarah McLachlan song comes on in the car, you get nostalgic for the endless tables and booths touting feminist and pseudofeminist causes. You miss the swaying to acoustic womanly warblings; the Jewel sightings in the audience; the warm, fuzzy feelings of sisterhood; and even the occasional accusation of lesbianism. Maybe you even have a yen for female puns. Take a deep breath, eat a Luna Bar, and relax. The Sirens & Strings: An Acou-chix Experience is here to satisfy all your Lilith-type desires. DEKKA Fashion Art and Music Café (139 NE First Ave., Hallandale) is claiming it will make “herstory” with its lineup of “girls with guitars” Friday, June 17, at 7:30 p.m. (We said there’d be puns.) Local “singirls” include Shira Abergel, Jess Glison, and Brie Goldsobel. Special readings will also be given by local poetesses Jeanine Petro and Katie Wirsing. The suggested donation to attend is $10. Call 954-673-5124, or email [email protected]
Fri., June 17, 7:30 p.m., 2011