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Sand Castle

Stoners from all over the world are well acquainted with the otherworldly draw of the White Castle burger. But what most people don't know is the secret that makes the patented "slyders" so irresistible. It's all in the cooking process: the miniature patties are never griddle fried. Instead, they are dotted with five evenly placed holes and nestled gently over a bed of sizzling onions. The vapor from the onions rises through the holes and both cooks and perfumes the meat. It's then finished off on a doughy bun with a squirt of mustard or ketchup and a single dill pickle slice. A sack of those tasty slyders is pure heaven; the promise of which is enough to entrance any burger-hungry fiend to drive hours on end.

Coincidentally, just like Harold and Kumar you'd have to embark on an epic journey to get your hands on a fresh White Castle burger. At one time the stores did grace South Florida's streets, but now the closest brick and mortar location is in Tennessee. So what's a slyder fan to do, other than settle for Krystal (shudder)? Head down to White Castle Wednesdays at Fort Lauderdale's most relaxed beach bar, the Treasure Trove. Each and every Wednesday, the Trove serves up a mess of White Castle burgers of the previously frozen variety. Yes, you could buy your own pack of six at just about any supermarket. But the Trove takes special care to cook them in the oven, going as far to separate bun from patty and reassemble them afterwards - something you're not likely to do in a foggy, munchie-fueled stupor. Three little bundles of love will run you just $2 - a price that's reasonable even before you consider the idyllic location. To further prove their superiority to your own microwave and couch, the Trove offers $3 draft beers as well.

Find the Treasure Trove at 2933 SE 5th St. in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-522-8385.
Wednesdays, 2009